CW Kanban offers plans for these uses:

  • For teams where each member reviews the team’s tickets and manages his or her own tickets on the Kanban boards, select the Agile Team plan.
  • For teams where the manager or dispatcher uses Kanban to visualize the status of tickets, but technicians do not use the boards, select the Agile Manager plan.

For more information on licensing, see our knowledgebase article.



Have more than 50 users? Get in touch for special pricing. Or need something special such as SOC 2 certification? Let us know.


  • Unlimited Kanban boards
  • Real-time 2-way sync with ConnectWise Manage
  • Drag-and-drop in columns to prioritize tickets like Trello
  • Drag-and-drop between columns to change ticket status
  • Show tickets in groups with horizontal swimlanes (i.e. for each resource, project, company, priority, etc.)
  • Assign and unassign tickets
  • Enter time on tickets
  • Highlight neglected tickets and impending SLA failures
  • Customize card details and appearance
  • Customer and technical support via chat, email, or phone, or screenshare
  • Up to three coaching appointments to help you use the application and to implement agile into your service and project delivery pipeline.

Prices in $ USD



Take your team to the next level with Elite Agile Team training from CW Kanban. We’ll help you adopt pull-based workflows, increase visibility of work, reduce waste, and limit your work in progress.

Elite Agile Team training includes:

  • 8 hours customized agile training, including:
    • Identifying a workflow to use for Kanban adoption
    • Important Kanban roles and responsibilities
    • Engineer workflows in Kanban
    • Agile meetings
    • Identifying neglected work
    • How to write tickets with appropriate size and detail
    • Handling urgent work and real-time requests
  • Help configuring your ConnectWise instance to make best use of Kanban
  • Agile literature package (Phoenix Project, Making Work Visible)
  • Ready-to-use documentation on agile workflows and policies

Cost: $2,499

Elite Agile Team training will pay for itself many times over when you increase your team efficiency by 10%, 20%, or even 50%!

Having used ConnectWise as our core system for over 12 years, I knew that the product and the methodology for dealing with tickets was fundamentally flawed, but was not able to find the answer as to what else to do, or what other software to run. I finally found the answers I was looking for by studying a few different disciplines including The Theory of Constraints and Agile methodologies.

I looked at other software and found that Salesforce could do everything we needed, only problem was it was prohibitively expensive, and even worse, I did not want to have to re-train my whole team on a new system. Using CWKanban, and the other methodologies that coincidentally were published on their website as suggested reading, we were able to move our average project delivery from negative efficiency to positive 33% efficiency. So we finish projects now with an average of 1/3 time left over! We are implementing the Agile side of things for our day to day service tickets, and can already see the benefits of CWKanban to increase the throughput of our business, without increasing the head count.

CWKanban is an extremely affordable investment, considering the costs of switching PSAs and the efficiency improvements.

Steve Psaradellis, CEO, Enterprise Network Architect
TEBA Group, Melbourne, Australia



No. However, you are welcome to start with a monthly package and convert to the lower annual price later. There are no setup fees. We would also be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation call to answer questions, provide a live demonstration, mock-up some of your desired Kanban boards, and review how the pricing works.


The default payment provider is Paypal, which lets you pay from any major credit card or your bank account.

For annual payments for 10 or more users, we accept direct bank transfer to our $USD bank account or a snail mailed cheque in $USD. Contact us for details.

We are working on a direct credit card processing option as well to bypass Paypal. We expect to launch this in June 2019.



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