Kanban for Autotask PSA

Is this you?

  • Want to adopt Agile and Lean concepts in your service and project teams?
  • Need a way to visualize the status of tickets in your system, cut through the noise, identify bottlenecks, and know what really needs to be dealt with today?
  • Like what you see in CW Kanban, just want it for Autotask?
  • Interested in Agile Service Delivery?
  • Read (or listened to) the Phoenix Project book and are itching to implement it?

Autotask PSA support for CW Kanban is coming!

We have developed a proof-of-concept for the AutoTask API. Once we have received sufficient interest and commitments from Autotask users, we will ramp up development to deliver a production quality version 1.

The goal of the functionality below is to achieve feature parity with what we have already built into Kanban for ConnectWise Manage. The exact details and priority of development will depend on the conversations we have with people like yourself – we would love to interview you to understand more of Autotask-based MSPs need compared to ConnectWise users. Fill out the form or schedule a call by clicking here.

Our goal is to release a lean, mean, easy-to-use and stable Version 1 to get into people’s hands ASAP, and then keep rolling out additional features after that.

Version 1 – Minimum Viable functionality:

  • Dedicated application instance
  • Synchronization of Tickets, Resources, Projects, Accounts (company), Status, Priority, and Queues
  • Drag & drop for ordering tickets in columns and for moving tickets to columns, which updates ticket status in Autotask.
  • Board editor for defining ticket filters and mapping ticket statuses to columns. Filters will be roughly based on the types of records we sync, described above.
  • Basic display filters to further refine the tickets shown on a board (i.e. technician can filter to see only his or her assigned tickets)

Version 2

  • Horizontal Swimlanes
  • Add sync and filtering support for remaining fields, to match the CWKanban functionality
  • In-app management of ticket fields- member assignments, ticket status, and ticket priority

Version 3

  • SLAs
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Tasks (associated w/ Project)


Interested in the Beta or being an Early Adopter?

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