Is your team already using Slack for internal chat? Or even delivering chat-based support to clients using Slack? Are your engineers looking for easier ways to create tickets and enter time without having to slog through the ConnectWise interface?

We’ve built a Slackbot exactly for that reason! Click here for an interview with one of the engineers at Crafty Penguins, a Linux Consulting MSP. Here are some of the features of CraftyBot:

  • Create ticket with a single chat command. The Ticket URL will be indicated so you can easily bring it up in a web browser.
  • Add time entry to existing tickets.
  • Add notes to tickets
  • Add schedule entries to tickets
  • Create CRM activities
  • And more!

It’s pretty powerful to be able to create a ticket right in the middle of a team discussion about some issue. Then everyone is aware a ticket has already been created and can easily add their time to the same ticket. This helps to capture 100% of all time in real-time and accurately against the correct ticket and client.

Video playlist is available on YouTube:

Free trial is available – contact our sales team to inquire.

Discounts are available to CW Kanban users – ask for details.


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