Trello & ConnectWise Manage

Are you a ConnectWise Manage user, and you also use Trello to manage the ConnectWise-generated workflow? On its own, Trello is a terrific way to organize your work, see what’s being worked on, and who’s working on it. The problem is that you need to manually enter ConnectWise ticket details into a Trello card – and then place that card into a separately created board – before you can begin to manage the workflow (and, every time information on the ConnectWise ticket changes, you must manually update that as well).

CW Kanban – An Integrated Solution

At Kerkhoff Technologies Inc., we have created a software tool that eliminates the need to manually enter ticket information into a card and board. The reason for this is that CW Kanban integrates directly with ConnectWise Manage.

In short, CW Kanban is a web-based dashboard that pulls data from ConnectWise and presents it in a visual format using Kanban concepts.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us to arrange a time to chat about what you are trying to accomplish in your organization (usually about a 45-minute conversation)
  2. Subscribe at our CW Kanban website (“Start Now”) and provide your API information allows you to connect your Kanban boards directly to ConnectWise (this takes about 15 minutes)
  3. Set up your CW Kanban board to display the information you most use in ConnectWise Manage (the initial setup usually takes about 15 minutes)
  4. Tap into our Knowledge Base to familiarize yourself with using the tool based on Kanban concepts (ongoing)

For dispatch, sales, project management, or just chewing through your tickets, visualize the information that is most useful to you…in real-time!

Check out some of the benefits of using CW Kanban:

  1. Minimized work-in-progress, which allows you to more quickly move work though the que
  2. Improved communication with and amongst your teams (no duplication of work)
  3. Increased likelihood of reaching or exceeding your billable targets
  4. Improved communication with clients because information is at your finger-tips

Interested in learning more? Go to our CW Kanban website and “Contact Us.”