Kanban Boards For ConnectWise Manage.

Visualize service and project workflow in Connectwise!

Kanban Boards For ConnectWise Manage.

Visualize service and project workflow in ConnectWise!

Kanban Boards For ConnectWise Manage.

Visualize service and project workflow in ConnectWise!

Take Your Data to a New Level
A web based dashboard that pulls data from ConnectWise and presents it in a visual format using Kanban concepts.
Built to perform.
Staying within work-in-progress limits will have a direct impact on SLA response and resolution times.

Business Benefits

Easily see bottlenecks

See tickets that are falling through the cracks

Improve technician focus by encouraging single-tasking instead of multi-tasking.

Technician Benefits

Know exactly what you should be doing next

Easy to see where most important tickets are

Prevent overwhelming techs by making overloading visible

See the fruit of your labours in completed ticket counts

Client Benefits

The team is focused on clients and completing work

Management has strong visibility and process

Lower chance of tickets falling through the cracks

Take Control

Control your Meetings.

Put this up on a large LCD in your operations center to keep an eye on workflow and bottlenecks.

What our clients have to say about CW Kanban

The CW Agile Board wasn't good at all so we were without the ability to visualize our work for the past couple years. Since adopting CWKanban we thankfully are able to visualize our work! We are able to run meaningful huddles/daily standups now have been transformed by CWKanban! Wim and team have added features lightning fast and we are seeing real value!

Ben Johnson, Liberty Technology (The OG AgileMSP)

I would recommend this product to any company that is considering moving their helpdesk environment to an Agile Service Delivery entity. The board is highly configurable and the developers are very easy to work with and willing to go the extra mile to get you set up the way you want your board to work.

Jeff Groby, SumnerOne

CW Kanban is amazing! Finally a way to have a visual overview of our tickets. This is especially useful for projects. CW Kanban support is also great and we strongly recommend this product!

Joel Kino, Interconnekt

Swimlane and style profile improvements

We at CW Kanban hope you're having a great summer! Or winter, for our Australia/New Zealand customers. We've been working hard to improve Kanban and wanted to let you know there's a few new options available to let you visualize your work in more ways. Swimlanes for...

Comparison of ConnectWise Manage Agile Board to CW Kanban

How CW Agile Board is currently better than CW Kanban Quick Create for ticketBlock/Unblock tickets (without requiring a specific status)Can work on tickets in simple mode - hide finance, resources etc with a link to the regular full ticket screenCan pop the ticket out...

What it means to be DOING Kanban

So I've been thinking about this question for a while... what does it mean to be doing Kanban? Obviously I've been committed to Kanban for a while as we've built a solution around it, but even though we have all kinds of wonderful Kanban and other metric dashboards...